Denver Outfitters interviewed me for their re-occurring blog post  #FlyGalFriday feature in November of 2016. You can check out all the questions they asked about guiding, my artwork, and fishing: here.








Featured in PesqA BLOG - June 2015 was kind enough to feature Amy McMahon Illustrations in their June 2015 blog post titled "Aquatic Insect Art by Fly Fishing Guide, Amy McMahon".  Check out the post here, including descriptions of specific insects and the role they play in fly fishing.

Writers on the Fly - May 2015

Amy McMahon Illustrations art was featured at Writers on the Fly #4 at Emerald Water Anglers Fly Shop in Seattle, Washington during May 2015. Writers on the Fly is "A reading series featuring the best new and old voices in fly fishing writing." These events are a really cool opportunity to be exposed to fly fishing authors and artists.  Thanks to Jason Rolfe for organizing these events and taking interest in Amy McMahon Illustrations!











On The FLy Magazine  Featured ARtist - Spring 2015

Excerpt by Jim Gebhart

Amy began illustrating aquatic insects after graduating from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, where her studies focused on insects and ecology.  She has worked in the field of aquatic biology since 2009 and is a certified taxonomist for Western Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera (mayfly, stonefly, and caddisfly) and Western Chironomidae (midge) organisms.  After exposure to fly fishing - and quickly becoming an addict- she wanted to share with others the intricate and beautiful details of aquatic insects that are sometimes overlooked when the focus is catching fish.  "Looking at tiny details on these bugs under a microscope every day makes you really appreciate their beauty and the differences between them that aren't always noticeable when you're out on a river". 

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"I spotted the talents of this artist online a few months back.

It was totally different than trout art I have seen before and looked cool and interesting.

Amy is an aquatic biologist so she does know a thing or two about what she is drawing.

It wasn't long before I ordered a few prints which arrived very neatly packaged."


Excerpt from "The Art of Fly Fishing: Amy McMahon" - Garrick Dorsett


Excerpt from "The Art of Fly Fishing: Amy McMahon" - Garrick Dorsett

"Amy McMahon is a biologist/entomologist whose need for accurate illustrations of insects has turned into an amazing relationship between pen and paper.  Much like fly fishing, Amy's illustrations eloquently combine the disciplines of science and art.  These detailed studies are extremely elegant renditions of the subjects. Her need for accuracy is crucial, and there's a beauty in her ability to recreate each minute tone, line and detail made by mother nature."

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Artist Spotlight from Alaska Guide List Blog  - January 2014

Excerpt from "The Fusion of Insects and Art by Amy McMahon" - J.J. Pilgreen

"If you are into Fly Fishing, you are probably into bugs. Some level of knowledge in entomology, will obviously increase your success at convincing that wary trout, you have what it wants.

Amy’s illustrations reflect the finest detail of these aquatic trout snacks overlooked by the average fly fisherman’s eye. Her meticulous work showcases not only artistic talent, but a truckload of patience."

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The Drake Magazine ARticle - Fall 2013 Issue

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Excerpt from "Fine Points" - Geoff Mueller

"For the beginner it's all about matching the fly.  For the hardcore it's all about delivering that fly precisely and effectively.  For the Zen-master, it's all about being the fly.  And for 24-year old Fort Collins, Colorado-based artist Amy McMahon, it's all about drawing that fly in police-sketch exactitudes, often calling on previous fishing experiences for inspiration...Since her day job involves examining thousands of bugs under a microscope, she sees insects in the kind of detail most people never experience.  McMahon then brings those finer points to light through her black-and-white ink illustrations."