Artist - Amy McMahon


Amy graduated with a B.S. in Biological Science from Colorado State University, where her studies were focused on insects and ecology.

Since 2009, she has worked in the field of aquatic biology both for state/federal agencies and in private consulting: identifying aquatic insects, working on aquatic toxicology experiments, and most recently working for a design/build river construction company. Amy has also worked as a fly-fishing guide since 2015. Over the years she has had the opportunity to not only increase her knowledge and skill set, but also have great experiences working in an environmental field she is passionate about.

Amy encounters aquatic macroinvertebrates on a daily basis and is continually building on her insect identification skills. She is currently a Society of Freshwater Science certified taxonomist in both the Western EPT (Ephemeroptera - mayflies, Plectoptera - stoneflies, Trichoptera -caddisflies) and Western Chironomidae (midge) taxa groups.  

Living in Fort Collins, Colorado - Amy looks forward to fishing, snowboarding, and hiking with her dog, Rio, when she's not busy working on art.

"My background in Biology and Entomology developed my interest in insects, and the more I learn about them, I understand the many details required to create accurate drawings of these unique and intricate subjects. Bugs are more interesting and beautiful than a lot of people realize!"


The latest digital image technology is incorporated into each work of art to capture all details and ensure that reproductions are true to the original design.  Professional prints are made on an archival quality, 100% cotton rag, acid free paper with archival quality inks so that you will receive an outstanding finished product made to last.

Prints ordered from this site are available in sizes ranging from 5 X 7 inch to 9 X 12 inch depending on the design; however, custom sized prints are available upon request. 


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